Sanuk Beer Cozy Mens Flip Flops

Who said inspiration can't be found in a beer? Sanuk does and they have created this pair of Beer Cozy Flip Flops just for men. This comfortable pair of sandals have a super soft foot bed that is as soft as a beer cozy and features non slip-grip and a padded synthetic strap to provide additional comfort without rubbing all day long. The foam EVA sole cushions each toe and forms to your foot in every stride that you take. Great for the boat, pool side, beach activity or taking long walks on the shoreline with family, the kids and the family dog. Taking this pair of Sanuk Beer Cozy Sandals off for the day will be the only downside while you are on vacation, or outside grilling in the backyard. You will experience the comfort and quality in each step as you wear them during the warm summer months and the many days that follow. Step into this pair of Sanuk Beer Cozy Flip Flops as they will transform a smile to your face and happiness to your feet. [+]