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Satisfi is representing the 808, and 503 from Portland, Or. We our a original NW Reggae Rock band that brings a dynamic type of music that gets everybody dancing. Satisfi brings positive energy, and fun music. This fusion band is up and coming in the growing American Reggae scene, and is developing a solid fan base to follow us where every we play.

Satisfi Band Member Bio:

Chris Reilly has been playing bass guitar since he was 16, one of his first bands was WTF (it’s not what you think) where he played for fraternity parties partying with the big kids while still in High school. He grew up in New Hampshire then moved to Boston where he was a working bass player. He made his rounds to all the best gigs and quickly mastered his craft. He moved to Oregon two months ago and his polished cerebral style of bass guitar playing garnered the attention of Satisfi immediately.
Allan Baker is a Chamorro, he is native to Guam. He has been singing for four years and a self-described lifer musician. He is a very emotional singer and being a native of Guam his soulfully strong Chamorro voice is a refreshing break from the very ordinary.
Ryan Brooks is a self-taught musician from Sheridan Oregon. He has been in several bands starting with Gnosis, then Steady riot. He feels most alive when playing his bright and epic style of guitar. He started playing at thirteen and hasn’t slowed down since. On stage he is home, as is evidenced by flawless performances.
Born to missionary parents in Mexico, Benji started out playing the drums on the toilet lid with a snorkel at the tender age of two. He moved on to the piano in kindergarten and continued on with it through the eighth grade, but he went back to the drums at eleven. Being a mission kid he got his real experience playing the drums at church. He has played multiple genres from the blues to metal.
Satisfi was recently reformulated from a decidedly more dubstep reggae sound to a more fluid rock style of reggae, two new members were found to replace outgoing members who had moved on to other projects. Satisfi is; Benji Hespen on drums, Ryan Brooks on lead guitar / song writing, Allan Baker is the lead singer/ lyricist and Chris Reily is on the bass guitar.
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