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Savvy Way Endeavors

Savvy Way Endeavors is a group of Savvy individuals on and off the record. They represent the Low Country and want to introduce a new sound for Carolina itself, outside of the rap-trap or raw-raw music. In the sense of Feel Good Music some would call it, or something different to listen to other than what you already hear on the radio... taking nothing away from you in any way.

It's just like, every other state has some kind of recognition about themselves in their own way. Seeming as if South Carolina is still out there patiently waiting to get its official stamp, or its name to be proudly represented and claimed.

Savvy Way Endeavors feel we have the following, the material, and the savvyness to get the ball rolling faster than what it already is. By that taking place allows for a more established power base which would allow Carolina as a whole to come together as a more dominant unit, and granting us the opportunity to showcase what South & North Carolina has to offer.