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Scattered Suns


Are you tired of stale, generic “made for radio” rock?
Do you miss the days when rock music took chances?
With SCATTERED SUNS and their BRAND NEW EP, “Light Headed” you get:
Certified Organic California Sound!
Ambitious songs that make you smarter!
Catchy melodies that last with you all day!
Bold, tight rhythms help you burn off the calories!
Guitar solos!
Not one, but two THREE Part harmonies!
Zero filler!
Guitar solos!
Guaranteed 100% gimmick free or your money back!* No risk, order “Light Headed” now!
*offer may or may not be literal.

Who are you?

Soul crooner and melody master Alex Schneiderman; guitar Jedi and encyclopedia of rock Brett Morris; and funky free spirit Tal Weinman on bass. Each member brings a wholly distinct personality and style to the music. The close-knit group is in the process of auditioning new hard-hitting drummers since the recent departure of former member, Sean Whalen.

Are you hipster? Emo? Screamo?? Post-proto-sub-indie-cyberpunk?

No. No. No…huh? Scattered Suns is not attached to any passing fad or scene. They are a zesty, unpredictable blend of Alternative, Hard Rock, Soul, Classic Rock, Psychedelic, and their famous secret sauce! Their sound has aptly been called, "Classic Rock From The Future!"

OK that’s cool, but how are you live?

Scattered Suns sets the stage on fire with raw chemistry. The group got their feet wet as the Club Good Hurt house band for pole dancing night. Just three months after forming, Scattered Suns was voted 2nd place in all of Los Angeles against thousands of bands for the nationwide FreeCreditScore band search. Since then, they have gigged relentlessly in venues around Los Angeles, including the world famous Roxy Theatre, Whisky A Go Go, The Viper Room, and House of Blues!

How do I know this isn’t a scam? Isn’t rock dead? I’m traumatized from Creed, Nickelback, etc.

We understand your concerns, especially considering the decade we have just been through. With “Light Headed”, Scattered Suns has laid out a corrective course for rock, where the music can be exciting and catchy without being watered down, homogenized or in any other way wussified. Real artists playing real music with no corporate influence! Like the glory days, but for a new generation. But don’t take our word for it, we're ready to prove it to you. Listen for yourself BEFORE you download, and pay what you think we deserve!

Golly, this all sounds great! Where can I get it?

You can find Scattered Suns all over the Internets!

The official website -
Album website -
Social havens -
facebook/scatteredsuns, twitter/scatteredsuns, and myspace/scatteredsunsmusic

Scattered Suns are currently seeking management. [+]