Scott Cascade C Ski Poles 2016

The Scott Cascade C is a great pole for backcountry purists. The 4 Part Carbon Shaft is unbelievably lightweight and strong. An External Locking System is easy to adjust and will keep the length locked in exactly where you want it to. The Auto Locking Tension System has a push button release system that can snap the pole together as fast as you need to. Scott's new Foam Cork Grip fits ergonomically in your hand for a slip free grip on your sticks. The Adjustable Comfort Strap of the Cascade C uses neoprene padding to keep a firm grip around your wrist. A Duraflex Carbide Tip is actually flexible to reduce stress on the pole tip, especially in sketchy snow conditions. If you are looking for an ultra lightweight and strong pole that can adjust in seconds the Scott Cascade C is the pole for you. [+]