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Scott Ginsberg

What happens when you wear a nametag 24-7? Even to bed? Just ask Scott Ginsberg. In the beginning, it was just a gimmick to make friends. But soon, his crazy idea didn’t seem so crazy. Fourteen years later, Ginsberg’s social experiment has evolved into an urban legend, a world record, a cultural phenomenon, a profitable enterprise and a prolific body of work. Simply google the word “nametag” and you’ll see his work benchmarked as a case study on human interaction, revolutionizing the way people look at approachability, identity, commitment and prolificacy. He’s written 12 books, produced more than a hundred episodes of NametagTV, given 600 corporate presentations in five countries, released five musical albums and recently started preproduction on his first feature-length documentary. He lives in New York where he attempts to talk to strangers. [+]