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Scott Huckabay

Scott Huckabay has been called many things, but the proof is in his stellar live shows. He is an award winning virtuoso master of guitar, who has been seen by the likes of Joe Perry(Aerosmith), Stanley Jordan, Prince and countless other Hall of Fame elite in attendance at his concerts, where they must be rethinking the possibilities of musicality. His dimension-shattering innovational sounds are unparalleled.
From trance-like, water dripping, rainbow-portal inspired songs of ascension, to thunderous cell-penetrating sonic sound healing to the most delicate harmonics, lightning fast licks, or to the all encompassing “walls of sound”, he is the full package.
Grammy nominee and Independent Music winner, who has been featured on MTV's Real World, Fusion TV Mexico, National Public Radio, Wisdom Radio and much more. Using crystals, stones, lasers, violin bows, meteorites, ankle bells and more, this explosive and eternally spontaneous musician puts on a show that one never forgets and the inspiration that the crowd feeds on is overflowing. Playing the guitar with a love filled joy tuned to an ancient frequency, leaves one's senses coated in fractals, harmonics, DNA upgrading and sounds of color cradled in the arms of rebirth, transformation and bliss. He is a very passionate, dynamically rhythmic, instrumentalist, one man band performer, developing complex progressions on his alternately tuned guitar. His creative guitar sound can easily fill huge venues. He is truly a show stopper that leave audiences wanting more. As author, master musician, sound healer and truly an inventor of new sounds, Scott continues to penetrate the uncharted territories of sonic reality through his intuitive constancy of ever innovative techniques. He is forever polishing the diamond of sound.
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