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    Charleston Police Department (West Virginia)

    The Charleston Police Department, or CPD, is the official municipal police force for the City of , . The Charleston Police Department is currently the second largest police department in the state of West Virginia, while being the largest municipal/city police department in the state. As of 2008, Charleston Police currently has 184 sworn officers, 2 Animal Control Officers, and 29 civilian employees. The Charleston Police Department has an organisation of several different divisions, including a Patrol Division, Traffic Division, , Bicycle Unit, Unit, Community Policing & School Services Division, SEU or Special Enforcement Unit, and CID or Criminal Investigation Division. The current Chief of Police is Brent Webster.


    Patrol Division

    The Patrol Division is comprised of four shifts, with each shift consisting of a Shift Commander or Lieutenant, three Patrol Sergeants, and 15 to 17 sworn officers and a K-9 unit. The Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling the city for crime and responding to calls for service.

    Traffic Division

    The Traffic Division is responsible for enforcing state motor vehicle and city traffic laws, like enforcing speed limits. The Traffic Division additionally sets up and Safety Seatbelt checkpoints throughout the city. The Traffic Division responds to automobile crashes, and provides accident investigation and crash reports. Both metro 911, and citizens might report abandoned vehicles to the Traffic Division.

    SEU, or Special Enforcement Unit

    The Special Enforcement Unit works to deter street level crimes, like drug activity or prostitution. The officers in this unit respond to, and investigate all types of calls and complaints. SEU most often will work along with, or assist the Criminal Investigative Division and the Metro Drug Unit.

    Criminal Investigation Division

    The Criminal Investigation Division, or CID, consists of detectives who follow up on reported crimes to the Charleston Police Department.

    Other units

    CPD has a Bicycle Unit and K-9 Unit, both of which work alongside the Patrol Division.

    Rank Structure

    Senior Patrolman 

    Fallen officers

    Since the establishment of the Charleston Police Department, 10 officers have passed away in the line of duty. The follow list additionally includes one officer from the Malden Marshal's Office.

    OfficerDate of DeathDetails
    Tuesday, November 15, 1881
    Monday, August 30, 1920
    Sunday, October 28, 1923
    Saturday, May 23, 1931
    Tuesday, December 10, 1940
    Wednesday, September 29, 1948
    Friday, June 26, 1981
    Friday, June 26, 1981
    Wednesday, July 13, 1994
    Automobile accident
    Sunday, September 13, 2009