Seedism: HEX

A HEX is another name for a magical curse so be warned – HEX should not be used frivolously or you may be forever under her spell. The high amount of CBD has a muscle relaxing effect which culminates in you being unaware of any physical discomfort. The strong buzz you get can fade after about ten minutes but the ecstatic feeling together with heightened senses do not disappear but transport you through to the second effects which have a less potent sedative effect which can last for a few hours. However HEX cannot claim to be a cure for physical discomfort as there are too many psycho-stimulating effects going on which prevent you from sitting still. Experience an artistic episode from this wonderful product. Now for a little bit of history – the first release of a BLZ Bud hybrid, California, is slowly being replaced by the BLZ Bud and there are already some privately grown hybrids to be found in dispensaries as the fame has spread amongst the local farmers. On its own BLZ Bud is a complex hybrid with an unique Cannabinoid profile. Adding the C99 creates a lovely sweet taste that is particularly good after curing and it was after the birth of the 4:20 event that UK growers were introduced to this wonderful bud. BLZ Bud and 99 mixed together gives a wild and pungent bouquet that can easily compete with the best strains available today and finally – six different strains = 6 sides = Hexagon or HEX. A diverse Cannabinoid profile with lots of THC variants that build to a euphoric yet sedated state of consciousness. [+]