Seedism: Hippie Killer

Using LovePotion 1.1 as a male with his Sativa strength, strong and assertive high and citrus tones we were able to produce Hippie Killer – a feminised seed from Seedism Seedbank in Holland who have loads of experience from the Cannabis College, plenty of knowledgeable contacts and some of the very best female marijuana seeds available worldwide which they kindly make accessible to the seed collectors market. To go with LovePotion 1.1 the female type chosen was a Brazilian Indica that has been used to make many of the white strains like the infamous White Widow, one of the strongest strains ever made. Using the Brazilian Indica also gives a prospective increased THC and CBD level which will make all the difference when you come to use the product. And so we have a match made in heaven. Hippie Killer is very powerful and so quick that the first wave of effects arrive quickly and hit you like a gentle slap in the face when first the THC reaches its target. Your eyes will slowly shut; an immense calmness will surround you like cloud 9 and you will afterwards realise that the CBD began its work. [+]