As a first cousin of , she is twelfth in the . She has not married and retains her place in the Danish order of succession and the title of Prinsesse til Danmark (literally translated as "Princess to Denmark", which is reserved for those members of the Royal Family in line of succession). She is the only child of , to have succession rights to the throne of Denmark. Through both parents, she is descended from , and is therefore also distantly in the .

Princess Elisabeth was employed in the from 1956 to 2001 and was posted abroad a number of times.

Though she has never married, she lived with film director Claus Hermansen for 20 years until his death in 1997. She does not have children.

Princess Elisabeth lives in a detached wing of the royal palace in near Copenhagen. She grew up in the main building.

She is godmother to her great-nephew, Theodor Rosanes af Rosenborg, the youngest grandson of Elisabeth's brother .

Official duties

Princess Elisabeth takes part in some official ceremonies as a member of the royal house. For example, she attends the New Year Courts.

She is patron of the following organisations:

  • Kj√¶den (the chain).
  • (alongside ); the organisation promotes the development of cultural and commercial relations between Denmark and , and to raise awareness of Brazil in Denmark.
  • ; its aim is to support and strengthen cultural relations between Denmark and and to raise awareness of Japan in Denmark.
  • Pr√¶mieselskabet for Plejem√łdre af 1861 (award-giving society for foster mothers of 1861).

Title and style

Elisabeth is styled as "Her Highness Princess Elisabeth of Denmark".


Bjarne Erbo Gr√łnfeldt, Deputy Private Secretary to the Queen, confirms that Princess Elisabeth's coat of arms consists of a shield of her grandfather's coat of arms supported by two savages holding clubs, surrounded by the Order of the Elephant, all under a canopy ensigned with a crown of her rank.


  • Knight of the (R.E.).
  • Grand Commander of the (S.Kmd.).