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Out of the ashes of life’s chaos comes a man from the ruins with a vision... a vision of a metal band that will spread chaos upon the metal scene. The vision of a band that is not following current trends, A band that will stand out among all the others. A band that writes songs that do not sound the same as there other songs. A band that will make a powerful and frightening statement. This vision was to form a band that will bring the very essence of what metal once was back from the darkness, unleashing fury upon the world once more. This vision was seen by a man named Kevin Cole, From all his pain, hate, anger, and the desire to be heard, He started the band called Seventh Chaos. A band within the genre of death metal mixing elements of thrash metal, technical metal, progressive metal and doom metal into one band that will burn this world in chaos. Seventh Chaos is not concerned with a label specific to one genera of metal, but concerned with staying true to what pure Metal really is. Seventh Chaos comes to you with a new sound, bringing chaos to the front line in the war to keep metal alive. Pure emotion and aggression drives the band. Feeding on the fear of others, from the looks of confusion, and from all those who mosh and bang there heads. Seventh Chaos creates metal that flows from within. Bringing forth chaos that will crumble the foundations of the metal world... and rebuild a new world of metal through chaos! [+]