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SexyPigDivas is multi-instrumental husband/wife duo Katie Mikita and Nick Gregg. Their music has been described as “jittery indie pop rock that manically mixes and blends genres”, but there is a “perceivable seriousness to the sound”. The SPD concept is two-fold: create an emotional musical experience for the audience and fill the room with sound.

Their upcoming release for 2015, “Gods and Ritual Objects”, will take their listeners to a dreamy world. The album will feature the duo’s unique use of synthesizers, loop and effects pedals to create a spacey atmosphere driven by groovy, hip-hop drums and piano and guitar melodies.

Download your copy of their latest release, “Robota”:


..."[T]he Kent-based twosome of Mikita and Gregg, who met as juniors at Boardman High School in 2003, has become the talk of the Northeast Ohio indie-rock scene with their debut effort, “Eating Square Grapes at Circle Pyramids.”
-John Benson, The Vindicator (August 2012)

"They're surprisingly expansive for a low-fi indie duo."
-Cleveland Scene Magazine's Local Band in Focus (January 2012)

"'Eating Square Grapes at Circle Pyramids' will showcase a cleaner, more polished sound from Sexy Pig Divas. Mikita's powerful vocals against her eerily, happy, piano-driven songs call up associations with Regina Specktor, Tori Amos and even Björk in some places, while Gregg's more characteristically progressive rock, shoegaze tunes paired with his Dave Grohlesque vocals round out the genre melangé."

"Nevertheless, there is a perceivable seriousness to the sound that is likely attributable to the intriguing chemistry between Mikita and Gregg, stemming from the intimate relationship they have with their music and each other."
-Alex Hall, Buzzbin Magazine (October 2011)

“…a two piece band with drums, keys and guitar that very much reminded me of something along the lines of Explosions in the Sky meets The Evens. Just a very low-fi band with a real cool shoe gaze quality to their music…They call themselves Sexy Pig Divas and hail from Kent. It was just a really interesting experimental indie low-fi thing…It's just the kind of band you can really get sucked into. Mesmerizing kind of like a "Dry the Rain" Beta Band head bobbing kind of stuff." -52 weeks of Cleveland (May 2, 2010)

"No strangers to Youngstown's fine venues or the Oakland. Great 2-piece rock 'n roll!" -'Future Vampire Club (June 14, 2010)

Kent Stater Interview: [+]