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Shaky DeVille/Pie-Eyed Preachers

Shaky DeVille is a loud, high octane wall of sound where as Pie-Eyed Preachers is an upbeat more traditional, Irish rock band. These versatile players have made it easy to fit what ever type of venue you are looking to fill!


Named whimsically after the old ’76 Cadillac Coupe de Ville given to lead singer Matt B. by his dad—“the best car I ever owned”—the explosive, hard rockers have lived up to their name. East coast rockers, from Philadelphia, PA., this is Shaky DeVille!

The band has toured the U.S. extensively, from coast to coast. The ironic part of their rise is that while their initial acclaim was centered in Tennessee where Matt formed the band, the three players are actually East Coast born and raised musicians whose blue collar background fully infuses their exciting DIY work ethic.


Pie-Eyed Preachers is an Americana/Irish Rock band out of Philadelphia, PA. A band with deep roots in Irish traditional music, this is music for those who work hard and play hard. Their sound is a striking mix of raw strength and alluring harmonies.

"In a world of fakers, posers and wanna-be's no one is more authentic than Matt and company, Pie-Eyed Preachers are The Real Deal!"
~Pete Jamestone of the Rebel Surfers.

Original member Matt B's voice was made for singing the stories of the traditional Irish music that fuel their set list and if you think the talent stops there, you're sorely mistaken. Matt's guitar skills compliment the perfect foundation laid by drummer Whitey Ellis. With a decades of experience between them, Pie-Eyed Preachers know how to put on a show. They will soon be releasing their debut album called "Bonesetter" recorded in Nashville, TN.

One question everyone seems to ask is how they got the name Pie-Eyed Preachers. Well, Matt and his buddy walk into a bar. Everyone is drinking and serious about giving each other the advice of a lifetime. Matt turns and says, "what a bunch of Pie-Eyed Preachers!" to throw back a few and join the congregation?