Shel Horowitz

Shel Horowitz's award-winning and category best-selling eighth book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson, published in 2010 by Wiley) demonstrates that businesses can be Green, ethical AND profitable. Using examples from Fortune 100 companies to solopreneurs, the book shows how Green and ethical behaviour isn't just about the right thing but about profitability ... why most businesses shouldn't even worry about market share ... how to form powerful partnerships, even with competitors ... how to get your Green message out without greenwashing ... and how to go a much deeper shade of Green. Shel additionally consults on marketing and book publishing ... is starting an international trade association for Green marketers ... and has been both a marketer and environmental activist after the 1970s. His monthly column, Green And Profitable is available to newspapers and publications around the world. [+]