Shiro or Shirou may refer to:

Japanese term

Pronounced "shiro"

When a Japanese term is pronounced shiro, it may refer to:

  • shiro (), the Japanese term for the color white
  • shiro (), a Japanese term for a castle
  • shiroi (), a Japanese term for generation

Fictional characters

Pronounced "shirō"

When a Japanese term is pronounced shirō, it may refer to:


Fictional characters

Other uses

  • Apache Shiro, a security framework formerly known as JSecurity
  • Shiro, a special kind of mycelia
  • Shiro (food), a preparation of ground chick peas used in East African cuisine
  • Shiro, Texas (USA), an unincorporated community in Grimes County
  • Shirou, Iran, a village in Zanjan Province, Iran
  • Shiro alga carta, an ecological paper made from algae which would otherwise clog up the Venice lagoon
  • Shiro (restaurant), former Michelin starred restaurant in Ahakista, Ireland.
  • Shiro Project, a gnome-shell based tablet UI