Shyp is a courier service company.[2][3] The company picks up, packages, and ships items through USPS and other major carriers.[4] The company was founded in San Francisco in 2013. The company also provides its courier services in New York,[5] Miami,[6] Los Angeles[7] and Chicago.[8] The company has raised a total of $62.1 million in venture-capital funding, with the latest Series B investment being led by investor Kleiner Perkins, where venture capitalist John Doerr joined the company's Board.[9]


The company provides a mobile app by which users can enter a package's pick-up and destination addresses and upload a photo of the package to be shipped.[10][11] In 2015, the company launched an Android app to compliment its iOS app.[12] Also in 2015, Shyp added "Shyp Returns" functionality to its apps whereby shoppers can return items they purchased online from select merchants, including Amazon, Target and Nordstrom.[13]

Employees' Status

Shyp is one of the few on-demand companies – among many – made up entirely of employees, not independent contractors. In July 2015, the company converted its couriers from independent contractors to full-fledged employees.[14]