Symbolically Isolated Linguistically Variable Intelligence Algorithms, or more popularly known as SILVIA, is a core platform technology developed by Cognitive Code. SILVIA was developed, and designed to recognize and interpret speech, text, and interact with applications and operating systems, all while interacting with a user. The technology can be run and operate via cloud, a mobile application, a part of network, or via server.



Leslie Spring founded Cognitive Code in 2007 and is the inventor and architect of Cognitive Code’s SILVIA Platform. Prior to founding Cognitive Code, Leslie worked for such companies such as Electronic Arts, Disney, and Sony heading up their software development teams responsible for building graphics systems, 3D game engines, and custom software developer tools.

In addition to Leslie Spring, the company's general partners include Mimi Chen and John Albert. Cognitive Code received venture capital funding from Channel Mark Ventures. The platform was initially released on January 1, 2008.

Features and system requirements

SILVIA was developed to recognized and interpret any human interaction: through text, speech, and any other human input. The platform allows an application of it in all applicable and possible application which then allows natural and intuitive human interaction. The system also allows easy implementation. It has a complete set of graphical user interface tools which can aid in developing intelligent objects or entities, and has an array of API scripts which can be embed in any compatible applications.

Differentiating SILVIA from other similar technologies, the platform can be used in different computing platforms and operating systems which can seamlessly allow easy transfer of data. Aside from being available in almost all platforms, SILVIA uses a non-command based system wherein inputs are based on normal human conversational language, not on pre-coded commands like what Google's Google Now and Apple Inc.'s Siri used.


SILVIA is composed of several components:

  • SILVIA Core: A runtime engine which can be configurable for use in any user, server, or mobile systems. It can also be embedded.
  • SILVIA Server: A configurable system of SILVIA Cores for automated management.
  • SILVIA Voice: A modular component designed for accepting voice input and rendering voice output. It can be used within an application, web page, or as part of SILVIA server for better optimization of media streaming.
  • SILVIA API: Is one of the several components of SILVIA wherein programmers are allowed to create applications, and plug-in based functionality.
  • SILVIA Studio: A graphical system for application-specific behavior development.


SILVIA can be used in several applications, such as: being used in call centers, smart phones like the iPhone and Android devices, and voice search or other voice-related applications. Unlike other similar technologies, SILVIA can intelligently respond to its users, not in one or two words or small phrases but in complete sentences.

SILVIA has been used by several companies such as Northrop Grumman. Northrop Grumman used the technology in order to aid the company's employees to much better communicate with computers and mobile devices using natural language. The company also utilizes the technology in the development and deployment of military training applications. "SILVIA is also currently being used for training and simulation applications for the US Military.

The platform is also revolutionary as it can also be used in gaming through its SILVIA Unity platform, and is currently being introduced for use in toys.


Cognitive Code and its technology platform was included in the list of TechCrunch's TechCrunch40.