Skendy Germeus

I am an agricultural engineer with a specialization in economics and rural development. . Currently I work as a credit oficer agricol at ACME, a microfinance company. I am founder of ‘’Synergia Group'' and I am the CEO. We are in the IT industry and the company gives primary mission is to enable high Haitians have access to the techonologie IT. Our present strategy is to put a laboratory in each school in the country. I am also co-owner of a production company, honey green nature, located in cross-des-Bouquets. I'm looking for an organization to Community Development: ACCDED. I and my colleague Edmond had already been the recipient of an entrepreneurship contest largely financed by the Clinton-Bush Foundation. I am founder of Optimum club a non-profit organization composed mostly of professionals in agronomy who gives mission to promote the consumption of agricultural products. [+]