Ski The East

Eastern skiers are a breed apart. The tight trees, variable conditions and brutal weather have helped to produce some of the toughest and most talented skiers in the world. We share a common identity and a common way of looking at the mountains. Eastern skiers think positively: A 4 inch storm is a powder day, -10F is mild for January, and ice is simply referred to as “frozen granular.” Ski The East is a brand that speaks for itself. It’s about pride and passion for a region that is often over-looked by the ski world. They are filling a huge niche and catering to a highly populated market that’s hungry for regionally exclusive content, products, events, and entertainment. East Coast skiers are diehards, ready to make the most of any amount of snowfall, or tough out the “mixed precipitation” just to squeeze in a few more runs on the slopes.Ski The East takes pride in this mentality, and aims to continue fueling the fire of the passionate Eastern skier. [+]