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SlideStone is a band out of Monroe/West Monroe, La. They come bearing marathon shows full of classic heavy blues rock energy. The band brings its high octane show right into your temples. Playing original material loaded with the feel of the Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. When they do a cover its's a cover that will blow you away. Anything from the classic rock catalog that most wouldn't touch is on the table. The guitar work is mesmerizing from Eric Little who is capable well beyond his years and will leave you wanting more. Vocals full of raw power from Shane Brooks that hearken back to when front men knew how to put on a show. The brothers Shively bring their lifelong partnership to create as solid a rhythm section anywhere out there. These shows are not to be missed. This is what rock should be live. Come and let them show you that a show can still capture an audience and hold it within a bottle of lightning waiting to shock you back to life. [+]