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Slingshot Pill Wakeboard 2016

The Slingshot Pill Wakeboard is a very aggressive board for those wanting a lot of power and performance to maximize their time on the water. If you go big and speed is your thing then might I recommend taking the Pill. Featuring Dual Naca Tech Channels, this board directs water like a vacuum from the middle of the board through the tail which accelerates the board speed while still providing grip on the water. The 3-Stage Rocker offers up lots of pop for those really looking to soar off the wake. Built with Resin-X, you'll have plenty of flex and notice its excellent vibration dampening properties when those hard landings don't jolt through the body. Snub Nosed Edges makes this board great for aggressive, hard edging rider. If you're an intermediate to expert level rider looking for an insane board to help you launch off the wake and crush it both on the lake and in the park then you'll want to have the Slingshot Pill Wakeboard in your arsenal. [+]