Snake Eyes Blemished SL4 Wedge

In most cases these clubs have never been hit; however, they cannot be sold as new as they could be un-hit customer returns, inventory returned from stores or cancelled orders. These clubs may have few, if any, nicks, marks, or scratches on head and any wear will be faint and mild. Shaft and Grip are in new condition. Blemished clubs typically offer a significant value compared to new clubs as they cannot be sold as new despite being in good, un-hit or minimally hit condition. These Clubs will not come with Headcovers or Wrenches. Online only. The Snake Eyes 2013 SL4 Wedge is made from soft stainless steel for great feedback and comes with a lightweight steel shaft for easy control. A rich black PVD finish helps reduce glare, and weight is strategically placed to maximize performance. [+]