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SOKI (Set On Kickin It) SoxLife

My name is Jax Cooper, a 20 year old local Paterson, NJ artist. My music consists of life lessons through my eyes, from friends that turn to enemies, to wives that turn to exes, from morals and ethics to crimes and punishment. My music is an expression of my feelings and a key to unlock the contents of my mind and find the answers to my own questions.

I have a music group called "SOKI." an acronym for Set On Kickin It or SoxLife for short. The theory behind SoxLife is that in life there is a standard, or a system that people like to follow behind, and we feel as though you dont need to follow behind another system or standard to be accepted by others. All you have to do is stay true to what it is that you believe and continue to do the best you can to further yourself and the people around you. [+]