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Spiked Punch at The High School Dance


Initially formed in 2007, Spiked Punch at The High School Dance forged a special sauce of funk, blues and metal with a side of groove.

The band consists of seasoned musicians from the Washington D.C. area who have toured extensively in other groups over the past 10 years, covering musical genres from hardcore, metal, rock, punk, jazz, funk and R&B. What brought the band together was a combined passion for big riffs and funky bass lines with a desire to bring their version of funk rock to the front and center. Their diverse background gives life to songs that are all uniquely different while emanating from the same creative source.

After a 7 year hiatus, the band released a successful Indiegogo campaign in Feb 2014 to involve fans in the reforming process and gave them an opportunity to feature their voices on the record. The goal – to produce a 6 Panel Disc with songs that were written in 2007 and 2014 with a goal of $1,000. The band surpassed their modest goal on March 14, 2014 and the band began production. The album was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band in Gordon & Bhit’s jam rooms and JFork’s apartment using a Apogee Duet, Korg D3200, 4 microphones and a whole lot of duct tape.

“The album consists of songs from different periods of our lives, so they are naturally going to be different styles and genres that we love. The majority of our songs are written during jam sessions or a series of guitar riffs that I show the band.” JFork says.

The songs intermix a rock, funk, jam fusion ranging in styles from Punk “PYAU”, “SURVEILLANCE STATE” to Funk Rock “FREAKY CHEEKS”. The sounds of ocean waves recorded while JFork and Gordon were in Myrtle Beach can be heard on “LOVEONYOURMIND” a Reggae inspired song with the lyrics “nothing matters in this world, when love is on your mind”. Contributors were given the opportunity to feature their voices and instruments (singing bowls) on the record. In addition, a funky vocal interlude called “GRANDMASGRANDMA” can be heard created by the bands drummer BHit.

“One night while we were going over some mixes BHit started up this hilarious random vocal riff my grandmas grandma what? He laid down a beat and the rest is history.” JFork adds.

“I think the music and attitude we are creating is exactly what spiking the punch at the high school dance stands for. We are mixing it up, breaking from the normal, supplying a dose of truth mixed with getting the party started. Creating content that will get people thinking & moving with the funk and the rage, for full mind explosion,” says the guitarist.

Spiked Punch at The High School Dance is:

Gordon Culp – vocals
JFork – guitars (@JForkMusic)
Josh the G – bass (@Slapfunk44)
Bhit – drums