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CAPTIVATED, is what you will be after you hear the lyrics and experience the energy of Starrmoney. His music embodies truth, passion, pain, and reward, which anyone breathing can feel and relate to. Starrmoney knows his audience and his audience knows him.
He was born at Martin Luther King Hospital and raised in Compton, CA by his grandmother, whom raised a total of 16 children. She engraved into Starrmoney the kind of resilience that only exists in those who do not know how to fail. At the age of 13 Starrmoney returned to his mother and during that time a vision was born. A vision of having it all after being through it all became very tangible to him and his extended family, the all-star players. But, when faced with the choice of football MVP or the streets …he chose the streets.
While in prison for three years, a fellow inmate encouraged Starrmoney to deliver his poetry instead of just writing it and the lyricist that we know today was born. While he perfected his craft and plans to take the music industry to another level, everyone that supported him patiently waited for his direction.
Today, Starrmoney annihilates stages across California with a huge following throughout greater Los Angeles. He is supported and promoted by All Star Player Entertainment. His fly boy attitude is always complimented by the latest fashions of F.L.Y.FOREVER, a clothing line that he branded in 2014. This lets you know that anything and everything that Starrmoney touches turns to gold.
His music ignites fire in anyone who listens. His aura is intoxicating. His lyrics force you to remember yourself while his style makes you bask in who you want to be. Unlike many rappers, Starrmoney did not choose his name out of a box. His real name is Starr…He was born a star. He is a living legend.
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