STEVE HALEY: a deviation from the mundane, mainstream music of the masses. 

Hailing from Philadelphia, PA Steve Haley writes energetic and electrifying songs fueled by pure adrenaline.  The members of the band are Haley (of Trashlight Vision) on lead vocals and guitar, Patrick Polli (of Thee Misfit Toys) on bass, Joe Devenney (Nympho Clepto) on guitar and Eric Fisher from Tapping The Vein on drums. 

Soon after Trashlight Vision went on hiatus, Steve kick started this new project that led to a successful band known as HALEY. He immediately put together a full-length, self-titled, self-released album that quickly grabbed attention. HALEY embarked on a U.S. and European tour, and shortly after, the band got signed to Toil Records. Under Toil’s management, Steve joined forces with Chuck Treece (Bad Brains, McRad, etc) on drums, to produce the HALEY/Toil Records release Ef You Cee T.  Both Steve Haley’s self-titled debut album and Ef You Cee T are currently available on iTunes.

Possessing energy, talent and a devoted fan base, these rebel rockers have already started to cement their spot in the history books. Steve and his band have been awarded ‘Band of the Year’ by syndicated satellite radio station, Faction, and acquired critical acclaim for their debut album in the U.K.’s premier rock magazine, Rock Sound.

To put simply, Haley and his band personify deviance. A perfect storm of rock, metal, and punk, complimented by the dark and distinctive vocals of Steve, create a sound that will grip you like a vice. Taking inspirations from the greats, like David Bowie, The Stooges, Iggy Pop, and the Sex Pistols laid the foundation for new, edgy rock with classic rebel undertones, wickedly aggressive guitar, and infectious lyrics.

Thanks to Steve’s devotion this nocturnal musical mastermind and his band mates are unstoppable. The band are always in the process of keeping their music and live performances fresh. Haley never fails to infuse their audience with passion and raw energy-catch a live show and you’re guaranteed to come back for more! Look for Steve Haley coming to a city near YOU!