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Vocalist/songwriter Ricky Grover and guitarist/songwriter Monika Bogdanowicz began playing together in September of 2013. Monika Bogdanowicz, former Dead Air member, had began writing music with a vision of a sound and began looking for pieces of the puzzle after writing some material for the project. She met Ricky Grover who was that piece of the puzzle. With Ricky's solid, melodic vocals and Monika's dark, unique guitar riffs, Still In Darkness began. Ricky and Monika continue writing material infusing synthesizers and keys into their work. Drummer Pat Langham joined in April of 2014 and is working on the material at hand. His solid chops and timing propel the music forward. Bassist Frank Cawley joined Still In Darkness in June of 2014. He was the missing piece of the puzzle and holds the low end down.

With ethereal, haunting influences like Pink Floyd to eclectic, creative influences like Radiohead, melodic influences such as Fun, and dramatic influences like Muse, Still In Darkness creates a genre of its own. Call it a mix of darker progressive, alternative, ambient, indie rock if you must and get lost in the mix. Still In Darkness invites you to be a fan.