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Streetz Money

Born December 7, 1985 in a small town in Pennsylvania a child with a great gift entered the world. Named James Williams (a.k.a. Streetz Money)After his father, grew up wanting to be a NBA superstar. He dreamed of the lights, the fans, and his name being heard through out the world. Well in the city where he resided not to many actually made it out of the city limits. Most went to school and got a local job. Not Him he already knew his destiny was to impact every country, city, suburb and town. His dreams of making it into the NBA quickly was taking away at a young age of 18. Hanging with the local drug dealers he got caught up in the life. He served Time in a State Correctional Institution were he picked up a gift he never knew he had. The Gift Of Rap. He didn't look at rap as music though, It was more like art. Painters paint, that's art. Photographers take wonderful and beautiful pictures, that's art. well He Rap's but he prefer's to call it "Lyrical Art". A few years after being released from prison he began to take his gift seriously. Now today he is "Streetz Money" and he is Future Star. Whoever Discovers This Guy will Notice work ethic, genuine words and Real Life. He writes all types of music and is very excellent song writer. He show's emotions in his lyrics and you can hear his pain in his voice. One Day he will be on top of the world. Dream Big or Don't Dream at All!!!!! Streetz Money [+]