StriVectin started out as a stretch mark cream and then became popular as an anti-wrinkle product. With the popularity of StriVectin-SD, the brand evolved into a scientific skin care line with clinically proven products designed to provide anti-aging properties for skin that is renewed and youthful. StriVectin products differentiate themselves from other skin care products because of their patented NIA-114 molecule, an exclusive ingredient that provides energy for skin and helps to repair damage while strengthening the skin. StriVectin products are all rigorously tested and undergo many clinical l trials to ensure accuracy and effectiveness. With a wide variety of products, StriVectin fights the signs of aging as manifested through lines, wrinkles, age spots, undereye circles and thin or loose skin. StriVectin strives to deliver powerful anti-aging products that can revive your skin and bring back its original youthful, vibrant state. [+]