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Susan Jacoby

Susan Jacoby, who began her writing career for The Washington Post, is an independent scholar who now focuses on American cultural history. In The Age of American Unreason (2008), Jacoby attacks the dumbing down of American media, education and politics. Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times observed that there are few subjects more timely. Richard Dawkins, commenting on the British edition, observed that the whole English-speaking world needs to recover a proper elitism: an elitism that isn't exclusive or snobbish but works to raise everybodys game and swell the educated elite. To this end, Susan Jacobys own writing style leads the way. Every sentence is well formed and well informed, literate and learned but additionally friendly and entertaining, never obscure or pretentious after the manner we have come to dread from earnest literary `intellectuals. Its a luminously clear style that reaches out to welcome all who would share in her elevated vision of the way our culture could beand is not. American Unreason was featured on NOW With Bll Moyers, the Colbert Report, and the Today Show. [+]