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Suunto Vector HR Digital Sport Watch

With over 40 technical features this Vector HR Digital Sport Watch is the gadget and the watch to own that will monitor and record your heart rate in 20s, 60s, 10min and 60min intervals. There is also a compass that will keep you going in the right direction with a North-South indicator with bearing tracking, cardinal directions or half-cardinal points and features a north-south arrow. There is also a bubble level feature for the compass for accuracy. The history memory will keep your personal bests all at your fingertips or you can get into the quick access logbook to recover your times there. This Vector HR Digital Sport Watch by Suunto is comfortable, lightweight and durable with an altimeter that measures your vertical speed measurement for you to focus on pacing yourself. There is also an altitude difference measurement function to follow your follow your vertical process between climbing stages. The altimeter range is 500m to 900m/1600ft to 29500ft to fulfill your climbing needs. When to-the-second really counts, this Suunto Vector delivers with a highly accurate barometer, altimeter, compass and heart rate monitor for the climber, skier, backpacker, snowboarder to the individual that needs critical data. Ideal for peak performances and the perfect companion for all of your outdoor needs. [+]