Sweet Chariot: The Complete Book of the Rugby World Cup 2003 (book)


It's pouring with rain, the clock shows 100 minutes and the scores are level. Matt Dawson pulls the ball from the ruck, flicks it on to Jonny Wilkinson who, with his right foot, drops the ball between the posts with effectively the last ball of the match. The most memorable result in English rugby history is sealed. England are world champions. Inspired by Martin Johnson's leadership and Jonny Wilkinson's boot, and masterminded by Clive Woodward, England were always going to be the team to beat. Sweet Chariot is a complete record of this unforgettable tournament, written by many of the game's leading writers and illustrated by a team of top sports photographers. This is the perfect souvenir, a book that will rekindle memories for the millions who followed England all the way to the trophy! [1]