Sweetalk, has dedicated themselves to a schedule full of practice, writing music, and live shows to help create their self-produced, debut album, “Picturesque.”

Despite several personnel changes in the band’s beginning stages, the remaining members still maintained focus and continued writing throughout it all. The start of 2014 finally began to show true progress. After keeping a busy schedule with shows throughout Wisconsin and Illinois during the spring, recording finally began in the summer. The remainder of the year was spent on the mixing and mastering process while the band continued to play as many shows as possible.

It’s been a long process, but finally, “Picturesque” is here. These 10 tracks showcase Sweetalk’s ability to create energetic, passionate, and personal rock music. The album opens with great energy as demonstrated by “Weather the Storm,” “The Right Kind of Empathy,” and “All In Time,” while the band demonstrates it can be dynamic and contemplative with “Light My Way” and “Where It Counts.”

After an eventful 2014, Sweetalk looks forward to an even busier 2015. The plan is to stick to a vigorous touring and writing schedule. The band sets its sights high for the upcoming year by playing a high volume of shows to promote their brand new release, “Picturesque.”

Debut album, "Picturesque," available now on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp, and our official website [+]