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SweetKenny was formed in 2009 as a solo artist.
After doing other peoples projects Ken Sutton
realized that all the work he was putting into others he should be putting into myself.
So he got to work and started writing some songs and in no time.
Ken had 5 (five) songs written and recorded.
Ken is not your average singer songwriter,
with influences from "Elvis Presley to the Doors, to Alice Cooper" and all in between.
he has the ability to write about anything, and in just about any style of music.
He also has the ability to play all the parts himself in his music.
His song writing is powerful and strong at time's, and yet, he has a soft and tender side.
I am not like any others out there, nor do I sound like any out there today says Ken.
Ken brings a new feel to music in his writing
and with his strong lyric's and vocals you can appreciate and understand.
Ken now has released 7 albums and his 8th released on March 31, 2014 titled " INK! ".
you can find them all on Cd Baby!
Check them out when you get a chance too... you won't be sorry! [+]