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Systematic Chaos, A Tribute to Dream Theater

Founded in 2013, Systematic Chaos brings an entirely new dimension to the Dream Theater tribute experience. Located in Southern California, they not only capture the sound, energy, and technical expertise of Dream Theater, but finally, the look of the original band as well. Systematic Chaos has created the ultimate "DT experience" for long-time fans and newcomers alike, performing songs from the band's entire 25+ year career with all of the passion and stage theatricality that Dream Theater has come to be known for.

Dream Theater themselves recognized the tribute band on their “Along For the Ride” 2014 tour by including part of Systematic Chaos’s promo video in their Intermission “Youtube Remix” video.

The very core of Systematic Chaos begins with the dedication and talent of it's individual musicians. With musical experience ranging from Classical to Blues, Jazz to New Wave, and Pop to Metal, there is very little that cannot be accomplished between the friends. At center stage is Jeff Sheets, a versatile and experienced tribute vocalist replicating the range and passion of LaBrie's vocals. Over at stage left is Chris Brouelette, a dynamic guitar shredder with a heart of metal, and Petrucci-esque biceps. Crossing to stage right is Chris Willshire, a former Prog and New Wave bassist putting all 10 fingers across 6 strings to bring the Myung thunder. Upstage right on the spinning keyboard is Scott Berry, the band's founder and keeper of Rudess' beautiful arrangements and marvelous beard. Rounding out the group behind the bass drums is Vinny Massaro, harnessing the power and control of both Portnoy and Mangini's drum work to lock in the powerful rhythm section. Years of practice, gigging, studio sessions, and the love of Dream Theater's catalog has crafted a group ready to deliver DT's music with shocking accuracy.

Systematic Chaos is armed and ready for a full musical assault, bringing the Dream Theater experience to a city near you! Let us know where you are and where you want to see us play!