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Taichung Mr. Calf House

=Mr. Calf House Hostel=
***Please note, all the rooms are private rooms and the whole room rates should be paid, even there is one person to live in.

=Room Type=
* Double Room: One queen bed for two person
* 4-Pax Room: Two queen bed for four person

The Room includes:
* Newly Renovated Room / Private Bedroom / 1 room that accommodates 1-2 people
* Private Bathroom / Towels and Linens are provided
* Color LCD TV with Cable / Both wired and WIFI available / Air Conditioner / Washing machine / Comfortable Sofa / Safe and Secure
* Family and Child friendly

The Location is in the downtown of Taichung City, close to Yi-Zhong night market and Xitun District.
* 24 Hour convenience stores acessible
* Close to Taichung Train Station, Bus and Taxi.
* Steps away from local Taiwanese businesses that feature boutiques, restaurants and Taiwanese snacks
* Close to Yi-Zhong Night Market for traditional and local Taiwanese culture and food.

Mr. Calf house Hostel 소개.
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