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Tana's Kitchen Secrets (book)

Plot Summary:

This irresistible book is packed with 120 recipes, each of which is a vehicle for one of Tana's 'kitchen secrets'. The 'secrets' reveal how to prepare food perfectly, cook it well and choose the best ingredients. For instance, don't cook meat straight from the fridge as the outside will overcook and the inside will stay raw; how to apply a breadcrumb coating to meat or fish and ensure it sticks; what to look for when buying fish; which type of potato to choose for mash, salads or chips; and, how to tell if a cake is cooked properly. Divided into chapters on meat; fish; pasta, rice and grains; pies, pastries and tarts; support acts; dough; sweet things; and, cakes and biscuits, the book also contains advice on how to make food look fabulous when cooking for friends, or how to make it attractive to kids. Establishing Tana as the ultimate home cook, who can give tips and advice as well as great recipes, this book will look accessible but stylish - just what you'd expect from this glamorous mother of four. [1]