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Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto

All partnerships are a careful balance of work, commitment, and passion. This can be said of marriages, companies, and certainly ice dancers. Everyone can attest to the challenges presented by finding that “perfect match”. Whole television series have been created to depict the almost impossible odds of finding true love. Human Resource Departments struggle daily to find employees that meet the needs of their companies. And some skaters go their whole careers never finding the ONE that compliments them and allows them to succeed. For Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto the impossible happened 8 years ago when their coach Igor set up a try-out for them. They had both skated with other partners. They had both auditioned many more. But creating a winning team requires more than skills. It requires charisma, chemistry, and that “certain something”. From the first time they hit the ice together they both knew they had found their skating match and since then they have grown and developed together into one of the foremost dance teams to grace the sport. [+]