Tara Mackey

Tamara Mackey is the founder of The Organic Life, a company based in San Diego, California[10] She is also an Author, Speaker, and Singer[14]



For most of her life, Tara grew up in New York City with her mother. She was later adopted by her grandparents around the age of six and learned to appreciate books, music, and sports. Growing up she was diagnosed with several illnesses that she needed heavy prescription medication for and became dependent with doctors saying she would have to take the medication the rest of her life. [10]


Tara quit over a dozen pharmaceuticals cold-turkey after years of being on them and began her journey into natural healing of her body. [10]


Tara relocated to California, and globally curate natural remedies to successfully treat her illnesses naturally. She has designed a life full of abundant happiness, success, travel, wellness and creative fun and is happily living her dreams in San Diego[10]


Tara has sang, performed and spoken all around the globe. [10]



Tara graduated from Cornell Medical College with a degree in Psychology and Genetics[10]


The Organic Life

The Organic Life is a company that Tara founded after her father passed away. She created a platform to provide education and an opportunities to spread the message of health far and wide. [10]


She works with a range of clientele including Whole Foods Market, Adidas, Free People, PopSugar, Waxelene & Synergy Organic Clothing and has multiple collaborations in the areas of beauty, fashion, music and food. [14]


Mackey has recently taken the world by storm with her first book, Cured by Nature and inspires a global community through her digital realm The Organic Life blog. [10]


The Organic Life, LLC is wholly sustainable and socially conscious. Her business supports causes that promote 

wellness. Professionally, Tara continues to make enormous and continuous improvements in her field. Her work opens people up emotionally, spiritually and creatively. [10]