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Taylor Five: The Story Of A Clone Girl (book)


Tay is 14 and she is a girl with a secret. Officially documented as 'Taylor Five' she is the clone child of a globally famous scientist. Like her gene mother, she will grow up to have phenomenal physical and mental abilities. She is an experiment in the corporate race to create a perfect being. For now she is living with her adopted family who work in the rainforests of Borneo rehabilitating orang-utans and returning them to the wild. 'Uncle' is one orang-utan who has chosen stay, he's almost like one of the family. Then terrorists strike the refuge, killing her parents, and Tay sets out on a harrowing adventure accompanied by 'Uncle'. Her already extraordinary existence becomes even more fascinating as Uncle's huge intelligence and uncannily ' human' behaviour develops an unshakeable bond between them as he tries to help her to safety. Ages 11 years and over. [1]