Tecnica R 98 Race Ski Boots

The Tecnica R98 110 is a powerful race boot for racers that may not need a brick like flex. The 98mm last has a narrow fit that best fits narrow feet or it can be shaped to fit your foot by a bootfitter. Tecnica's Quick Instep Construction uses a softer plastic over the instep of the foot that allows your foot to slide easier in and out of the boot. A 45mm Powerstrap will keep a tight wrap across your shins, and increase the amount of leverage it takes for you to power the boot. The plug like construction has two rivets located in the spine of the boot that allow you to remove one to soften the boots if needed. The R 98 has an UltraFIt Pro Liner that is stiff, with a high amount of energy transmission and resists packing out very well. If you need a race boot with power and control for blazing down the course, the Tecnica R98 110 will be a great option. [+]