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Terrance Sookdeo

Terrance Sookdeo was born on the island of Trinidad. He grew up in very poor conditions, but through his dogged perseverance he was able to lift himself above his circumstances. His Mom gave birth to eight children-five of them she gave birth to by herself at home including Terrance. Very early in life Terrance was tested for his tenacity to survive. While playing in their earthen floored home, he was stung by a scorpion. Due to their isolated home and lack of transportation it took almost a day before he was admitted to a hospital and was put under observation; against all odds, he survived. Terrance spent his early childhood living in the countryside of the island. Walking to school meant several miles of trekking down winding roads each day, and chores included walking long distances to carry potable water from distant standpipes or from the local river. Running water out of a faucet was unheard of and there was no electricity, no dental plan, no floor other than the one Mother Earth provided or any other luxuries that he now calls an "SLP" Standard Living Package. With very little money for school, Terrance fought his way through school and despite his circumstances, he excelled. He did not pity himself, because he understood that no matter how unfortunate his life was, he had the power to control it. Terrance eventually was awarded a national scholarship which provided the financial support for him to attend the local university. [+]