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The 5th Dimension

The three men Billy Davis, Jr., Ron Townson and Lamonte McLemore grew up together in St. Louis, Missouri, each going in separate directions in their teens; all ended up in Los Angeles with hopes of making the big time. Billy, in several gospel and soul groups, studied at Washington Tech. He opened his own nightclub, eventually ending up in Los Angeles, hoping to sign with Motowns West Coast recording company. Lamonte went into professional baseball as well as photography only to discover his love for singing while in the Navy. Ron sang opera from an early age. He graduated from Lincoln University, and left for Los Angeles with aspirations in singing. Lamonte McLemore met beauty contestant winner Marilyn McCoo while photographing her throughout the Miss Bronze Talent Award. Marilyn was born in New Jersey and grew up in Los Angeles. She always had a desire to go into the entertainment business, but her parents wanted her to finish school. She graduated from UCLA and accepted Lamontes offer to join the group he was forming. With Billy experienced in gospel and rhythm and blues, Ron opera and Lamonte jazz, Marilyn jazz and pop, they needed another female member to complete their well-rounded vocal sound. [+]