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The Blind Pursuit

Many Blue Moons ago, Lead singer/songwriter and New Orleans native, Michael Paul figured out he could sorta sing. He decided he really, really liked to sing and so he learned to play the guitar. He spent many hours with a guitar and pen, crafting music that would become his life's work. Meanwhile, Somewhere in Texas, a little farm boy was driving a tractor and dreaming of rock and roll. And further still, close to the Mexican border, a child named Albert was jamming Led Zeppelin and dreaming of vinyl spinning on the record player. The dreams of these three dudes are now reality. Adding Chico, Katie and Kevin just seemed like the next step. And it's proved to be a good one. The Blind Pursuit is an Indie rock band formed deep in the heart of Texas. One part soul, 2 parts rock and roll, and a whole lot of good times later, you get to experience the Blind Pursuit. [+]