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The Contemporary Indian Literature Collection - 2 Books (book)


This set brings together two superb voices in contemporary Indian literature. Reflecting the great wealth of the writing emerging from the nation, each of these writers perfectly captures the spirit of a modernizing India. 'The Romantics' tells the story of Samar, a young Brahmin restless within his uncertain society and fracturing caste system, who escapes a future of small-town jobs to live in Benares and who loses himself in books and solitude . But far from offering him an undistracted existence, the city forces all his silent desires into the light. Introduced into a bewildering world of otherness, his isolation and equanimity is destroyed. Wonderfully vivid, precise and unsentimental, Mishra draws us deep into the lives of his characters and perfectly captures the inner turmoil of a modernizing India. 'A New World' watches Jayojit and his son as they share the dark, close flat with his parents while the city outside is blanketed in fierce summer heat. The streets vibrate with the sounds of car horns and the taped raags of wedding celebrations as Jayojit tries to write and remembers his married life in America. Amit Chaudhuri delineates with breathtaking delicacy the details of married lives an elderly couple entrenched in the unquestioning roles of their past and of a modern marriage now sharply severed in two. [1]