The Dawson's Creek Collection - 12 Books (book)


Dawson's Creek - six American teenagers ready to take on the world, learning about life and how to love. Fans of the hit TV series will already know all about Dawson, Joey, Pacey, Jen, Jack and Andie all that happens in Dawson's Creek - this enormously popluar spin-off series of books now takes their stories off the screen and onto the page and is sure to inspire even the most reluctant of readers to pick up a book. Each full length novel in this twelve paperback book set features an original story not yet seen on the TV. Whether it's party time in New York, Wilderness Camp in North Carolina, being part of a teen horror movie or just another long summer of love in Capeside, Dawson fans will not want to miss out sharing these exciting and exclusive adventures with their 15 year old heroes. And even if your kids haven't seen the show, they are sure to be able to relate to the teenage dilemmas and issues tackled in each story - and even better once they get hooked after the first book, there are 11 more to get stuck into! Suitable for ages 13 years and over. [1]