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The Dwellers

Listen to the music as you read, it will tell you the most about The Dwellers.

‎"To The Dwellers music is a non-linear, boundless, rule-less dreamscape. In many of their pieces they seem like mad architects hellbent on building their city, burning it to the ground, then building it back up with a reinforced foundation." Nick Jordan, Scene Zine #4

"The Dwellers aren’t going anywhere. Seriously. Even their name implies staying put, as Andrew Gustin explains.
“The name comes from the fact that we didn’t have the money to go out to California in the first place and try to make music,” said Gustin, a vocalist who also plays keys, guitar, drums and bass. “We all just had to stay here, so we thought, ‘Why not embrace that?’ So we called ourselves The Dwellers. We didn't go anywhere. We just stay in our house and make all of this music.”' - Matt Conner, Metromix Indianapolis Star, July 22, 2010

"The Dwellers, are a progressive group out of Indianapolis that creates kaleidoscopic sounds that engage your mind and body. They lift the gauze and expose the wounds of modern issues with their lyrics while their evocative instrumental interludes create an unforgettable experience." - Megan Props, IndyMUSIC

"I just try to worry only about the music and let the good vibes take care of the rest.” - Andrew Gustin [+]