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The Fat Catz

By using emotionally driven compositions that rely heavily on improvisation and progressive elements, the Fat Catz are sure to give the audience a show to remember. Laying down layers of electric jams and the bright timbre of acoustic instruments, the Fat Catz create infectious and dance-friendly atmospheres that are one of a kind.

This up-and-coming band found its start on New Years Eve 2014 when original members Ryan Waide (Percussion, Vocals) and Greer Walker (Guitar, Vocals) performed their first show. The group has since evolved with the additions of Ethan Cammer (Guitar, Mandolin) and Christian White (Bass) into what is now the Fat Catz.

From busking on street corners to playing live shows, two of the Fat Catz’s performances are never the same. 40-60% of a Fat Catz show consists of on-the-spot improvisation – depending on how the audience is feeling that night.

“We like to make people move,” Waide said. “If people aren’t dancing in front of us, we don’t feel the energy.”

Heavily influenced by artists like Lotus and the String Cheese Incident, the Fat Catz create a sound that can only be defined as “space rock,” a combination of genres portrayed by their original piece, “42”. The upbeat song opens with a quiet and relaxed intro, only to build into music geared by dance elements and a driving guitar melody that makes it impossible to stand still. The audience can find themselves fall into an EDM trance only to be awoken moments later by a fast-paced solo.

Their style leaves room for interpretation – there are no limitations to the Fat Catz’s sound.

“People stood shoulder to shoulder at the bar to get a listen of the awesome music that resonated throughout the place ... (the Fat Catz) proved to be real entertainers, as they played well past midnight, keeping a crowd the entire time,” Claire Thrower, Fall in Love with Local Music.