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The Flaming Lips

Nowadays, here in America, there's a deluge of metaphysical paranoia constantly flowing out of the new, smart, radical, fanatical, hippie, drug culture underground. It almost always centres around the exaggerated evil powers of George W. Bush and the exaggerated benevolent benefits of psychedelic drugs... mostly Ecstasy and L.S.D. And, inevitably, the speculative conversations suggest that perhaps a few of the (spoiled, radical, hippie, enfant terrible) sons and daughters of the most influential power lobbyist pals of the Bush administration should somehow infiltrate a Camp David assemblage (or any secret meeting) and give them all a large dosing of Ecstasy or L.S.D. or both. (I believe it was to be administered by those blue, disinfectant urinal deodorizer cakes... The idea being that you can’t resist peeing into one of these and it splashes up on your dick and hands... You’ll probably wash your hands but no one washes off their dick... right??) All this in hopes of a more cosmically sympathetic government...Could it happen??... And I say (if anything can explain how things got the way they are)...It already has. Only it didn’t do what the spikers had hoped. It did what most people fear can happen to the unprepared mind when confronting an intense psychotic experience........ It made them insane. But it didn’t affect them as individuals... they were a group made insane by a few over-powering, unexplainable presence. To them (not knowing they’d been zapped) it was a religious revelation. God himself had spoken to them.They emerged from their “trip” more powerful, more evil and more convinced they were right. They were no longer elected officials. They had, in their own minds, become...mystics. [+]